ACT Prep Classes in the Boston Area

Good preparation is one of the key factors in the outcome of standardized tests such as the ACT.  Research has shown that more time spent with test preparation can increase the final score. Equally, retaking a test generally results in an improvement of the score.

The goals of most test prep are:

  • Comprehensive Material Review
  • Improve Memorization Techniques
  • Improve Test Strategy
  • Improve Time Management 
  • Improve Confidence
  • Reduce Anxiety

Many Test Prep courses offer guarantees for score improvement.  For example, Princeton Review has a one course that offers a 31+ ACT score guarantee and another course based on Private Tutoring with a guaranteed score of 39+..  These can be helpful tools when applying to competitive colleges but they come at a price.

Prep Courses are offered in different styles with different potential for score improvement and price tags.  

Prep with Books  This is the least expensive way and has served many students well in the past.  There are some advantages of this method  like cost, portability, ability to take notes and no time limitations. The cost of a good ACT book is about $30.- Students who are self-motivated can do well with this method.

Self-Paced Online Prep  Self-Paced Online test-prep courses are similar to book-based prep with the difference that they use software and video technology to make learning easier and more fun. Students who are self-motivated can do well with this method. The average cost for a self paced online course is around $150.

Live-Online Prep  These courses offer online classes with actual teacher/student interaction.  They offer 10-20 live classes on evenings and/or weekends. These courses are best for students who benefit from live interaction and who need the extra motivation a class offers. The average cost of these courses are around $500 to a $1000 

On-Site Test Prep These courses take place in an actual classroom and offer the benefit of a class-like environment with student/teacher interaction.  Many of these classes offer additional benefits which are similar to online courses. In the Boston area Princeton Review offers on-site prep for a number of courses.  The cost of these classes are between $500 and $1,000.

Private Tutoring Private tutoring offers personalized attention either live-online or on-site.  The cost of these classes ranges between $100-$400 an hour. In the Boston area Princeton Review offers both online and on-site private tutoring in Newton Centre.



Princeton Review ACT Prep 31+
Live Online or In-Person ACT Prep with guaranteed 31+ score
Features: ACT Prep, Live Online or On-Site in Newton, 13+ Score Guarantee, 1 expert instructor, 4 proctored practice exams, 20 additional practice tests, 16 single-section tests, 24/7 On-Demand Tutoring, Review and practice books, Personalized study plan tailored to you, ACT® & SAT Self-paced Prep, PSAT Self-Paced Prep, ACT Advantage

Princeton Review, ACT Essentials
Live Online full featured ACT Prep.
Features: ACT Prep, Live Online with Improved Score Guarantee, 3 proctored practice tests, 7 additional practice tests, 16 single-section tests, 18 hours of instruction, Review and practice books, Personalized study plan tailored to you, 377 online drills, 3,200+ practice questions, 280+ online video lessons

Kaplan Unlimited Prep
All the test-prep you need in one package with ACT, SAT, AP and PSAT included. Great flexibility with study and test dates as you can schedule your own classes.
Features: ACT Prep Live Online, SAT Prep Live Online, PSAT Prep Live Online, SAT On Demand, PSAT Self-Paced, AP Biology Review Course, AP Calculus AB Review Course, AP English Language and Composition Review Course, AP English Literature Review Course, AP Human Geography Review Course, AP Psychology Review Course, AP US History Review Course, AP World History: Modern Review Course, 10 physical prep books

Image Class Class Date Price Specifics Location
ACT Prep - Live Online ACT Prep - Live Online Nov-09-2023 $549.00 Live-Online | Nov 9,2023 - Dec 7,2023 Kaplan
ACT Prep - Live Online ACT Prep - Live Online Nov-18-2023 $549.00 Live-Online | Nov 18,2023 - Dec 6,2023 Kaplan

Other ACT Classes

Princeton Review SAT and ACT Self-Paced Online
Combines SAT and ACT self-paced Online prep.
Features: SAT Prep, ACT Prep, 377 online drills, 3,200+ online practice questions, Full-length and single-section practice tests for the SAT and ACT, SAT & ACT Practice Questions Review Sessions, Higher score or refund

Magoosh ACT Prep Self-Paced Online  and some Live-Online
Self-paced ACT online plan with 12 month access and 16 hours live instruction
Features: ACT Prep, self-paced online and live online, 12 months access, 16 hours of live instruction, 100 point guarantee

Magoosh SAT Prep Self-Paced Online
Self-Paced ACT online plan
Features: ACT Prep, Online, Over 1,750 practice questions, Video and/or text explanations for every question, Up to 3 practice tests, Over 200 video lessons, Study schedules, +100 point guarantee, +7-Day money-back guarantee, Email assistance, Data-driven score prediction