LSAT Test Prep Classes in the Boston Area

The LSAT is the most trusted test in law school admissions and is the only test accepted by most law schools. It consists of 75-76 graded questions and results in a score between 120-180. The average LSAT score is about 150. To get into a top-ten law school you need a score above 161, and you need a score of 155 and above for top-50 law school,

Here are some examples of some Boston Area law schools (25th to 75th percentile). 

Harvard University 170-176
Boston University 160-167
Boston College 161-164
Northeastern 158-164


Good preparation is one of the key factors in the outcome of the LSAT test.  This can be achieved in a number of ways, each with its own demands for motivation, time, and cost 

Self Preparation:   This is the least expensive way to prepare and it has served many students well in the past.  The tools are readily available with books, online resources and free sample tests. The cost of a good LSAT book is about $50.- Students who are self-motivated can do well with this method.

Self-Paced Online Prep:   Online prep is similar to book-based prep, with the difference that software and video technology  make learning easier and more fun.  The average cost for a self paced online LSAT course is around $800.

Live-Online Prep:    These classes are online with actual teacher/student interaction.  They offer live classes on evenings and/or weekends. These courses are best for students who benefit from live interaction and need the extra motivation a class can offer. The average cost of these LSAT prep courses are around $1000 and up.

On-Site Tests Prep:  These courses take place in an actual classroom  and offer the benefit of a class-like environment with student/teacher interaction.  Many of these classes offer additional benefits which are similar to online courses.  The cost of these classes are around $1500.

Private Tutoring:   Private tutoring is offered online or in-person. It offers personalized attention to students and the cost of these classes are between $100-$200 an hour.

There are currently no local classes listed. Please check back soon.