Art Classes in the Boston Area

Metal Working Classes in Boston Area

Metalworking is the process of making decorative or useful objects out of metal including jewelry and silverware.  It is an ancient artform going back to 2000BC.  Metalworking requires a set of specific skills such as cutting, hammering, embossing, chasing, repoussé, damascening, enamel work, filigree, inlaying, and gilding. Materials used in metalworking include all forms of metal including silver, gold, copper and steel.  Metals are hard materials and involve a certain degree of precision and patience to fabricate. Classes are a great way to acquire these skills.

There are currently no local classes listed. Please check back soon.

Other Classes

North Bennet School
North Bennet Street School’s mission is to train students in traditional crafts and to promote greater appreciation of craftsmanship.
Features: Classes in bookbinding, woodworking, cabinet and furniture making, carpentry, jewelry making, locksmithing, piano technology, preservation carpentry and violin making and repair